Phu Langka Forest Park

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Phu Langka Forest Park (วนอุทยานภูลังกา) is the only viewpoint spot to admire the sea of fog in Phayao Province, especially at the field of Dok Khlongkhleng – Osbeckia stellata Buch.-Ham. ex Ker Gawl. – which is usually in full bloom during July – December. It is located at Pha Chang Noi Sub-district with a height of 1,700 metres above sea level, covering an area of 7,800 rai. The Yao hilltribe call the summit of the mountain “Fin Cha Bo”, meaning an enshrining venue of angels. Its miracle has been told that on full moon days, there will be a white aura at the summit. The top of the mountain is very narrow and can contain less than 10 persons. Most of the area is hill evergreen forest with plenty of large trees, as well as, wild flowers and rare kinds of plants, such as Wightia speciosissima, Colquhounia elegans, Dendrobium heterocarpum, Impatiens mengtzeana, Paris polyphylla Smith, etc. It is a venue for the study of the original ecological system of the hill evergreen forest and the source of rivers along the nature study route where there are more than 100 species of fauna and a splendid sea of fog. Interesting sites in Phu Langka include Phu Langka Summit, Phu Nom Summit, Dok Khlongkhleng – Indian Rhododendron – Field, Namtok Phu Langka, Lan Hin Lan Pi – a million-year stone terrace, Hin Yaeng Fa, Pa Ko Boran, and legendary traces of the Communist Insurgents in the past. The forest park provides accommodation and camping areas for tourists. For further information, contact   Tel:081 8830307. Other places of accommodation are the Pang Kha Royal Project, Tel: 0 5440 1023, Phu Langka Resort, Tel: 08 6191 0291, and Phu Langka Villa, Tel: 0 5441 9552.

To get there:

From Phayao Province, take Highway No. 1021, passing Dok Khamtai District and Chun District until reaching Chiang Kham District. Then, change the route into Highway No. 1148. The total distance from Phayao Province to Phu Langka Forest Park is around 120 kilometres. A 4-wheel-drive vehicle should be used for as transportation.

From Chiang Rai Province, take Highway No. 1020, passing Thoeng District until reaching Chiang Kham District. Then, take Highway No. 1148. The total distance is approximately 140 kilometres.

From Chiang Kham District, Phu Langka is 47 kilometres away. Take Highway No. 1148 for 20 kilometres until Song Khwae, turn left pass the Pang Kha Royal Project and proceed further for 22 kilometres to Phu Langka Forest Park. A 4-wheel-drive vehicle can be rented up to Phu Langka at the Chiang Kham Song Thaeo Queuing Spot. Contact Tel: 08 1883 0307 for further information.


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